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Youth Minister Position

     The youth minister must be a person of high moral integrity, with passion for youth development and desire to build a youth ministry from the ground up.  The youth minister will be a full-time active member of the Stephen’s Valley Church and will be required to support the Council, Senior and Assistant Pastor.  The primary responsibilities of the position:

•          Assess current program

•          Build strategy to engage current youth in the congregation

•          Develop outreach to build youth ministry in the community

•          Train and recruit volunteers for efficient implementation of church programs

•          Provide counseling to help youths develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become active members.

•          Administer and plan youth programs like evangelism, retreats, and Bible study sessions

•          Coordinate with parents regarding their children’s involvement and participation in the church

•          Develop Sunday school curriculum for youths


     Key Personal Attributes - 

•          Strong conviction and belief in God

•          Highly visible in the congregation and community

•          Self-motivated

•          Strong work ethic

•          Team player

•          Articulate

•          Gregarious


      Requirements for position

•          Christian with credible testimony, accepting our statement of “What we Believe” and our vision.                        

•          Experience as a youth minister (or like position) with quantifiable results

•          Able to build a strategic plan that is executable

•          Able to communicate quantifiable progress and able to adjust as needed

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